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"Firestone" - "Cornelius" - "Spartanburg" 5 Gallon Syrup Tanks

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Syrup Tanks

Pepsi Style Tanks

Pepsi Style Tanks


Coke Style Tanks


Loaded Container

Home Brew Application for 5 Gallon Syrup Tanks


Coca Cola and Pepsi Style Available
Tanks Washers Available
Complete Filling Line Available
40 Foot Standard Overseas Container will hold 2,100 tanks.
40 Foot High Cube will hold 2.600 tanks.


5 Gallon Syrup tanks are ideal for Home Brew Beer applications. Very few soft drink plants still use these tanks. They have for the most part been replaced by "Bag-In-Box" for syrup dispensing. The tanks are designed to meet the National Soft Drink Association Voluntary Standard (NSDA-VS-01). This standard establishes the voluntary minimum requirements for engineering and construction of pressurized containers of 10 gallons or less -

130 PSI working pressure and 110 F working temperature.

    "Firestone" - "Cornelius" - "Spartanburg" are common names.

     Container Specs - 5 gallon
     Stainless Steel Construction
     Bonded Rubber Tops and Bottoms
     130 PSI
     Diameter 8.5"
     Height 25" to 26"
     Weight 9.5 lbs. - 11 lbs.

     Pin-Lock Type - "Coke Style" tanks
noted by the small metal pegs protruding from the posts.
     Ball-Lock Type - "Pepsi Style"

  • Pin Lock Tanks - Call for Pricing and Availability
  • Ball Lock Tanks - Call for Pricing and Availability
  • Manual "Pull Ring Relief Valve" Lids with Seal - Available
  • Manual "Fixed Relief Valve" Lids with Seal - Available
  • Pin Lock "Gas" and "Product" Post - Available
  • Ball Lock "Gas" and "Product" Post - Available
  • "Gas" Stems - Available
  • "Product" Stems - Available


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